Santa Barbara Cenotes

Tour 8 horas

The word cenote comes from the Mayan dzonot, which means "abyss". These are freshwater wells generated by erosion of limestone. Sacred places for the Mayan culture and that probably gave it such an attribute for its imposing beauty. Of the many Cenotes that exist in Yucatan, those of Santa Bárbara are of the most beautiful since it is a set of three virgin cenotes that are inside a recently opened complex. This fact makes its appearance much more natural and the color of its waters diverse. The wonder of this cenote complex is that its characteristics are different, all surrounded by native flora and fauna, and they have stairs to access safely.

To explore them, there are two options: the truck ride (cart pulled with horses on a rail), or by bike, which allows you to organize your time and learn more about the surroundings. In addition to this, you can enjoy the local gastronomy, in the Restaurant that bears its name.


• Round transport.
• Guide.
• Truck or bicycle ride.
• Visit to the cenotes.
• Food.
• Lifejacket.
• Taxes

Does not include:

• Drinks.
• Tips.
• Unspecified services.