Glimpse of the Puuc Zone: Uxmal with Kabah

Tour 8 horas

Discover the majestic city of Uxmal, known as "The three times built", is located in a hill area called Puuc, which breaks the monotony of the Yucatan plain. It is the most important city in the area since it had 20,000 inhabitants in its splendor (600 - 900 AD). It is made up of 15 groups of buildings. They cover about 2km, highlighting the Pyramid of the Fortune Teller, the Quadrangle of the Nuns and the Palace of the Governor.

We will continue to the Archaeological zone of Kabah, which is one of the few settlements that retain its pre-Hispanic name, which is mentioned in the Chilam Balam of Chuyamel, and which means "the mighty hand". located a couple of kilometers from Uxmal where you will enjoy the great variety of Mayan structures, with the famous False Vault Arch and the construction style called “Puuc” predominating, and you can also see elements of the Petén and Chenes style.


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